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Latali is a village in Georgia, Svaneti, near the Patara Enguri and Mulkhra river joint. The drawing by Lado Kandashvili gives us general view about the arrangement of roads, rivers, houses, towers and hiking routes.

Axonometric Latali by Lado Kandashvili ↗ latalirecords.com

Since October 2020 I am a professor of media design with a focus on interactive media at Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences Braunschweig/Wolfenbüttel at Campus Salzgitter.

Audio-reactive installation by Moritz Winkler at the annual exhibition of the media design programmes

Audio-reactive installation by Moritz Winkler at the annual exhibition of the media design programmes (Still: Raphael Stajer)

With the students at Ostfalia, I develop interactive projects in the fields of creative coding, web, extended reality, physical interactions and interactive installations. As a personal focus of my work and research, I explore forms of cross- and transmedia storytelling.

3D scan of a Suzuki Carry in Latali, Georgia, by Julian Knigge. The Suzuki Carry is a typical vehicle in the Svaneti region. It makes it possible to transport loads even through rough terrain and thus also tells us something about the way of life of the people in Svaneti.↗ latalirecords.com

In September 2023, for example, students from Ostfalia University, Tiblisi State University and the Free University of Tbilisi in Georgia collected recordings of stories about social change in the Georgian mountain region of Latali in a five-day workshop with the help of various media and compiled them on the website "The Latali Records":

The Latali Records

Screenshot of the website latalirecords.com

Screenshot of the website latalirecords.com ↗ latalirecords.com

In my research, I focus on the intersection between design, technology and society, such as the use of technology to tell stories, the impact of the power of algorithms on society and, currently, the opportunities and risks of artificial intelligence for the design discipline.

Book cover: (Dis)Obedience in Digital Societies

Sven Quadflieg / Klaus Neuburg / Simon Nestler (eds.): (Dis)Obedience in Digital Societies — Perspectives on the Power of Algorithms and Data ↗ Transcript publishers

Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Neuburg
Media Design with a Focus on Interactive Media
Institute of Media Design (IMD)
Institute Director
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Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences
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Serve and Volley Studio

Graphic and Interaction Design

Lenbachhaus Munich: Collaboratory

Logo of the Lenbachhaus Munich 'Collaboratory' • Serve and Volley Studio 2020

Serve and Volley is a Cologne-based graphic and interaction design studio I co-founded with Simon Roth in 2019. The studio works interdisciplinary and transmedial, mostly in the fields of culture and education.

boehmbauten.de for BDA Cologne • Serve and Volley Studio 2022 • Awarded with the Tokyo TDC Annual Awards 2023 ↗ boehmbauten.de

We focus on digital communication for institutions of knowledge transfer like Bode Museum Berlin, Bund Deutscher Architekten (BDA) Köln, Heinrich Heine Universität Düsseldorf, Humboldt Labor Berlin, Humboldt Universität Berlin, Lenbachhaus Munich.


Publication '10 Jahre Hambi bleibt' • Serve and Volley Studio 2022

Serve and Volley Studio

Serve and Volley Studio
Klaus Neuburg und Simon Roth

Venloer Straße 463
50825 Köln
+49 (0) 177 24 777 67


Froh! e.V.

Media NGO

Ushguli/Svaneti, Georgia • Photo: ↗ Stefan Applis . In 2023, together with students of the Ostfalia University we visited Svaneti as part of the project »The Svaneti Archives«, which lead to the website ↗ latalirecords.com

Froh! e.V. is a non-profit association I co-founded in 2014. It has made its goal to stir the processes of social formation and develop journalistic formats in different media that open discourses about human values.

FROH! Magazin No. 11 »Transit«

Since 2013 we have been developing international media workshops for and with young journalists and designers, in which digital and analogue journalistic formats are developed and implemented in a short period of time.

Exhibition of the results of the workshop »Universe of [ ] Images« together with the Dutch initiative »Hackers & Designers«, 2018.

In various workshops print magazines, web platforms, pop-up exhibitions using augmented reality in Germany, Austria, Moldova, Lithuania, Estonia, Georgia, Ukaine and Russia were realized.

In the workshop »Archaeology of the Present« , an augmented reality tour was created that shows the transformation of the former mining region of Hamm/Westphalia.

My personal work has focussed on projects in Georgia since 2013, for example the »Archive of Transition Tbilisi« (2015-2018, below). Most recently, a project by the NGO Froh was combined with an excursion from my school (The Latali Records, see left).

With the »Archive of Transition«, we set out to record different dimensions and velocities of change within Tbilisi the capital of Georgia.


Froh e.V.
Venloer Straße 463
50825 Köln
+49 (0) 177 24 777 67